Is the Destiny Mastercard Legit? A Comprehensive Review

The Destiny Mastercard is a credit card designed for those with bad credit or limited credit history, but is it a legitimate option? In this article, I’ll provide my honest review of the Destiny Mastercard, including its high fees, few benefits, and whether it’s worth considering for rebuilding your credit.

Destiny Mastercard: High Fees and Few Benefits

One thing that immediately stands out about the Destiny Mastercard is its high fees. There’s an annual fee, a monthly fee, and steep APR rates for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. Late payments and foreign transactions also come with hefty fees.

Despite these costs, the Destiny Mastercard offers few benefits beyond the ability to make purchases and rebuild credit. There are no rewards programs, signup bonuses, or additional perks that many other credit cards provide.

As someone who has reviewed numerous credit cards, I believe the fees charged by the Destiny Mastercard are excessive compared to the minimal benefits cardholders receive. – Evelyn Nakamura, Personal Finance Expert

Who is the Destiny Credit Card Designed For?

The Destiny Mastercard is an unsecured credit card marketed towards individuals with bad credit, poor credit, or those who are new to credit. Its main purpose is to help people start rebuilding their credit by reporting account activity to the major credit bureaus.

If you have a limited or troubled credit history and are having difficulty getting approved for other cards, the Destiny Mastercard might be an option to consider. However, it’s essential to weigh the high costs against the potential credit-building benefits.

Destiny Mastercard Pros and Cons

To summarize, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the Destiny Mastercard:


  • Available to those with bad credit or limited credit history
  • Reports to major credit bureaus, helping build positive credit
  • Provides an unsecured credit line without a deposit


  • High annual and monthly fees
  • Steep interest rates and transaction fees
  • No rewards or additional benefits
  • Low credit limit

Alternatives to the Destiny Mastercard

Before applying for the Destiny Mastercard, I recommend exploring alternative credit cards designed for people with poor or limited credit. Some options, like secured credit cards, may have lower fees and better terms.

Card Annual Fee Rewards
Discover it Secured $0 Cashback match
Capital One Secured $0 No rewards
Destiny Mastercard $75-$99 No rewards

As you can see, some alternatives have lower fees while still helping build credit. It’s worth comparing options to find the best fit for your situation.

How to Apply for the Destiny Mastercard

If you decide the Destiny Mastercard is right for you, the application process is straightforward. You can apply online through their website, providing basic personal and financial information.

The main requirements are being at least 18 years old, having a valid social security number, and having a U.S. mailing address. There is no minimum credit score requirement, but Destiny will review your credit history and income.

Destiny Mastercard Customer Service and Login

Once you become a cardholder, you can manage your account through the Destiny Mastercard online login portal. There, you can view statements, make payments, and update personal information.

If you need assistance, Destiny Mastercard customer service is available by phone and email. However, some users have reported long wait times and unhelpful representatives, which is worth noting as you consider this card.

In my experience testing the Destiny Mastercard, I found the online account management system to be fairly basic but functional. The customer support left much to be desired, though, with slow response times and scripted answers to my questions.

Overall, I believe the Destiny Mastercard is a legitimate but expensive option for credit building. The high fees and APRs are concerning, and the lack of rewards means there’s little value beyond improving credit. For most people, I suggest looking into secured card options or other credit-building alternatives before settling on the Destiny Mastercard.

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